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North Republic brand under the updates clothing company. Founded with the motive of producing different attitude in casual shirts.

In early stages of 2011 North Republic has entered the market and today is one of the leading largest favourite brands which have redefined the style and fashion. We at north republic strongly believe that the access to top notch style and world class quality fashion should not be only limited to leading nations of the world. That’s why we entered the market with the mission to bring worlds best at your fingertip and services. The brand was specialised in making casual shirts and now we have developed north republic for the entire attire for gents which will be launched in 3 months, north republic is influenced by brining an attitude in clothing. Inspirations of their designs come from the pulse of gents attitude through out the world and north republic showcase lines for spring, summer, fall and winter in varied fabrics and designs.

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North Republic Updates clothing Inc.

No: 25, 2nd cross, sudhama nagar, Bengaluru

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